How to Calculate the Cost of Hydroseeding

Soil erosion is an issue that every construction site has to deal with promptly and effectively. The negative effects of soil erosion on the environment are so huge that the government has had to step in. There are now laws that ensure that construction sites have specific soil erosion control systems in place. One of the most popular methods being used today is known as hydroseeding.

The method’s popularity is mostly due to the fact that it is both effective and affordable. The process involves creating a mixture of the following substances:

· Seed

· Mulch

· Healthy soil

· Fertilizer

· Water

The slurry mixture is then applied using a high-pressured hose on the site where soil erosion is most likely to occur. Construction sites are actually not the only ones that make use of this method for avoiding soil erosion. A lot of homeowners have also started to join the bandwagon to turn their lawns into a gorgeous display piece.

When calculating the cost, it is important to note that the sum is often dependent on several factors that may affect the quality of the result. However, one thing is for certain: the calculation takes into consideration the size of the area that needs to be covered. The price range is currently at $0.9 to $0.18 per square foot.

There are a few hydroseeding companies that offer discounts and packages. For instance, a company may charge about four hundred dollars to cover 2,000 square foot yard. This means that the homeowner would only have to pay approximately $0.2 per square foot plus taxes. Package prices normally go up as the size of the area increases.

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